About Us

Storm Shadow Finance is a highly credible and reliable credit car finance provider that aims to help those in need of a car, but do not have the money to buy it. We offer a variety of used quality cars that fits your every need, and the flexibility of repayment to make it easier on you. We look to give assistance that is consistent and accessible, so you don’t have to worry about these things. We aim to take the load off of your shoulders.

Our company works with excellent money lenders who only need minimum requirements to be fulfilled to get a loan. We help you in making repayment terms and arrangements that fit your budget and your circumstances. Furthermore, we provide end-to-end service; we do not ‘get what we want’ and leave you hanging – we make sure that we are with you, every step of the way.

Storm Shadow Finance makes the whole process easy for you. You no longer have to do multiple visits to car dealers, financial providers, filing application forms, and other strenuous tasks that make a car loan difficult. We make it as simple and convenient as possible so you can get your car right away and use it to its fullest potential. We act like a one stop shop so you won’t have to deal with several parties to secure a car and get financial assistance.

Storm Shadow Finance works with the principles of integrity, dedication and compassion. We are strong in our principles and uphold them, in believing that everyone deserves to get the assistance they need, and for them to be provided the flexibility to pay the loan back. We make it a point to cater to your every need, making sure to go beyond your expectations a big load of worry can be taken off of your shoulders. We also take pride in the fact that we understand our customer’s situations and so, we are not only able to gain their commitment, but their trust as well. These are the values of Storm Shadow Finance – values that we stick to and values that we base our work on.